Garanti İplik

Technical Structure


The planning department was established to manufacture and ship the orders of our customers in the fastest way possible and it consists of two sections: Order planning and production planning.

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Our Open-End Facility

Garanti İplik attaches great importance on its brand guarantee and quality for every product it manufactures. So, it has an Open-End facility comprised of Schlafhorst machines that are used for decreasing the rates of product defect in its factories. These machines produce technological solutions for the problems of Garanti İplik by manufacturing high-quality mélange yarns within the range of Ne 6/1 – Ne 36/1 with their Corolab sensors.

Our Roving–Ring Facility

The hauling buckets received from the preparation departments are turned into roving bobbins by being lengthened and twisted in accordance with the determined thinness and raw material, in the roving chamber comprised of the roving machines of Rieter, Zinser and Grosshainer brands. The prepared roving bobbins are then sent to the ring yarn chamber comprised of Toyota, Zinser, Rieter and Marzoli machines and they are hung on the machines determined by the production planning department so that they can be ready for yarn production.

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Quality Control

Quality perception is a long process that starts with raw material procurement and includes customer relations and satisfaction, both in sale and after sale. The primary duty of our Quality Assurance Department is to ensure that this process functions properly.

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R&D and Physics Laboratory

Our laboratory reporting to the Quality Assurance Department is the starting point for the color requests of our customers that are not in our swatch card. Ever since our factory became operational in 1995, every fabric sample and formula information pertaining to all of our color experiments have been stored in our archive and in digital format. More than 23000 color samples are stored in this manner.

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