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Mélange is an art

Garanti İplik has been rapidly growing since it was established in 1995, and it provides comfort and aesthetics for both its customers and its employees with its 40000 square meters indoor area located on 50000 square meters of land. Garanti İplik manufactures 4000 units of yarn per year, whereas other yarn factories only produce 15. This makes Garanti İplik the biggest factory in the Mediterranean Basin. Garanti İplik uses only hand-picked cottons from the Aegean region to manufacture the best-quality yarn. It also imports cotton from Egypt to produce even thinner yarns. It brings raw materials together with state-of-the-art technology and therefore, turns quality into a lifelong goal for the company. With over 1300 different products in its swatch card, it is the biggest and most extensive center of manufacturing and R&D combined under a single roof in Europe. Garanti İplik is eco-friendly and a green energy user and 33 percent of its energy production is garnered through its certificated Wind Yarn technology. It invests in a better future with its 50 percent more eco-friendly production compared to other companies. Garanti İplik, exporting to 24 different countries and partnering up with global brands, continues to manufacture with the excitement of its first day and has taken its place among the leading brands of quality and guarantee in Europe.




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Our Mission

Garanti İplik wants to guarantee its name and respectability by reflecting over 20 years of experience, quality, speed and permanence in the unique mélange yarns, combining the art of mélange and technology. It also strives to be a leader in every aspect of the industry by adding quality yarns to its expanding swatch card, which already contains more than 1300 different products.

Our Vision

Garanti İplik aims to quickly react to the changes boutique manufacturing brings and create products of the highest quality and innovativeness. Having proved itself with its previous products, Garanti İplik is among the leading companies in Europe and continues partnering up with world brands. It made the satisfaction and trust of its customers a business principle by prioritizing their requirements over its own. The company’s goal is to become the best in the world with its young, dynamic and experienced personnel and the policy that it follows, aided by technology.