R&D and Physics Laboratory

Garanti İplik has been storing sample and formula information of all the products it has ever produced in its archive and in digital format. Hence, it has a massive amount of content. Plus, these samples are exemplified in the laboratory. Thanks to this characteristic and its indoor area of 40000 square meters, it holds the title of being the biggest mélange research center in Europe. It utilizes these unique samples to procure the needs of its customers. Plus, customers place their orders by looking at these samples and if none of them suits their needs, we prepare color alternatives. If we have no matching color requested, we make a new color study by choosing suitable colors from our dyed fiber colors. A new color is formulated in accordance with the original color sample and the characteristics of the requested yarn. Both the process controls carried out during production and all the physical tests regarding production are done in our laboratory reporting to our Quality Assurance Department. Quality control devices used are as follows:

Raw material tests  : Loepfe Fibermap
Raw material and semi-finished product tests  : Uster Afis-pro
Yarn count test  : Zweigle L-202 & L-232 and Fast Count system
Unevenness test  : Uster tester-6 and Uster Tester-4
Resistance test  : Uster Tensorapid-4
Coefficient of friction test  : Zweigle G-534 (Friction Meter )
Yarn hairiness test  : Zweigle G-567 (Hairiness Tester )
Yarn evenness test  : Uster Classimat-3
Yarn twist test  : Zweigle D-314
Color control test  : Verivide