Quality Control

Quality perception is a long process that starts with raw material procurement and includes customer relations and satisfaction, both in sale and after sale. The primary duty of our Quality Assurance Department is to ensure that this process functions properly. The Quality Assurance Department is located in our factory and is independent from the manufacturing and business departments. It has lab assistants and quality control inspectors doing all the necessary tests in a 24/7 shift system. In addition to physical measurements, we also believe in visual quality control. So we have a separate team reporting to the Quality Assurance department. Every bobbin that leaves the facility goes through a visual quality control and gets tagged, ensuring quality. This guarantees that we can achieve the high standards that we promise to our customers. The data received from the quality checks performed at every stage of our customer satisfaction based production process is shared with our customers when requested. It is archived in digital and hard-copy platforms, so it can later be used to update and develop our standards. If the customer doesn't require specific quality specs in the production stage, our products are evaluated with respect to the standards within our company. This allows us to detect the possible yarn-quality problems that can emerge in later stages, and take the necessary precautions in the production stage.