Garanti İplik

Commercial Structure


We provide unparalleled service to customers from all around the world with team spirit, high motivation, and sense of quality possessed by all of our employees. For our company, marketing is not just selling.

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Our Purchasing Policy

The acceleration of technological developments, the convergence of world markets and the rise in competitive conditions constantly increases the importance of purchasing in this day and age.

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Our Order Receiving Policy

Our consumers require products of a certain brand, preferring to work with a team of sales specialists in direct and open communication and that are in sync with the business.

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Types and Conditions of Delivery

Our products are shipped from our factory in Tekirdağ-Ergene to İstanbul. Our yarns are based on net weight in kilograms. The packed weight of the purchased product and auxiliary materials are not included in the sale weight.

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Our Sales and Pricing Policy

Garanti İplik A.Ş. is one of the most preeminent mélange yarn manufacturing facilities in Turkey with the importance it gives and the contributions it makes to quality, environment and the people in production.

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The basic philosophy of the export department is to deliver our products that make big differences in the mélange yarn industry, to our overseas customers in the fastest way possible and with the guarantee and quality of Garanti İplik.

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