Our Roving-Ring Facility

Garanti İplik, in addition to the Open-End facility, also uses Roving-Ring methods to increase yarn quality. The hauling buckets received from the preparation departments are turned into roving bobbins through various processes in the flyers of the roving chamber comprised of the state-of-the-art flyers of Rieter, Zinser and Grosshainer brands. The processed roving bobbins are sent to the high-technology machines of Toyota, Zinser, Rieter and Marzoli to go through the ring procedures. In this process, all units function in harmony with the guidance of the production planning department. The products are processed in their specific machines and they are lengthened and twisted in accordance. The yarns wrapped on bobbins are joined together by winding on cones of the bobbin machines. The quality-control censors available on each spinner remove the defects on the yarn by cutting them away. Thus, Garanti İplik presents the products ordered by the customer with high quality and speed.