Sales and Pricing Policy

Garanti İplik A.Ş. has always proven itself in the industry from its founding until the present and it is one of the most preeminent mélange yarn manufacturing facilities in Turkey with the importance it gives and the contributions it makes to quality, environment and the people in production by using renewable energy. Ever since its establishment, the sales policy of the company has had two main principles: Unconditional customer satisfaction and honesty. It continues to grow by raising its quality standards with this sales policy. Our sales policy also includes providing a higher quality product and a better service in accordance with the requirements and wishes of our customers by establishing honest dialogues. Garanti İplik A.Ş. also provides after-sale support and its basic sales policy has always been to deliver the highest quality product in the fastest way possible. Some of our basic principles are as follows: - Sales conditions must be able to meet the needs and expectations of customers. - Sustainability in quality and customer satisfaction. - The product must be prepared and delivered with no errors and in the fastest way possible. - Determination of affordable costs without sacrificing quality. Also, - Our prices are based on net weight in kilograms.