Garanti İplik undoubtedly shoulders a large part of mélange yarn exportation in Turkey with its ever growing and expanding high-quality team and products and it proudly continues to be a leader in this industry. Garanti İplik, being among the leading brands of Europe, continues to be an influence when it comes to exportation in both domestic and foreign markets. With its difference, quality and speed in mélange yarn manufacturing, Garanti İplik maintains its efficiency in a wide market consisting of various countries, notably Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Greece and Japan, by exporting 70% of its products to them. Garanti İplik, takes advantage of Turkey's geographic location and uses the energy it receives from nature. Continuing to swiftly deliver its cumulatively expanding swatch card to 24 different countries and meeting the requirements of its customers. Garanti İplik keeps progressing with the sales office which opened in Verona, Italy and it intends to provide the fastest and most direct service to its customers in Europe. With its never-ending dynamism and open mind, Garanti İplik works together with giant brands that shape world's fashion and it continues to manufacture new fancy yarns with different and creative designs. It offers a large range of products to companies and inspires designers. Garanti İplik puts customer satisfaction into the centre of its export policy and is always keeping up with technological developments. It continues to transfer its technical information and skills that it has gained since 1995 to yarn, assisted by science. As Garanti İplik, we try to combine our customer satisfaction driven sense of service provided with high quality standards, with our modern vision and we are taking solid steps in becoming a company of choice not just today but also tomorrow and always.