The Story of yarn starts with Garanti İplik.

Garanti İplik is located in a place where the harsh northern winds of Black Sea meet with the warm breezes of Thrace, and we use our experience and sincerity to turn the power provided by nature into yarn.

Garanti İplik

Mélange is an art.

With our 40000 square meters indoor area located on a 50000 square meters of land, Garanti İplik turns the breath of nature into energy and spins high-quality mélange yarn that is harmless to the end costumer's health. We managed to become the biggest spinning company in the Mediterranean Basin by exporting 95 percent of our products to 24 different countries. Garanti İplik, whose motto is "Mélange is an art", keeps providing new works to this art form with over 1400 yarns in the form of fabric. Garanti İplik has built an environment of trust and guarantee through its custom-made yarn for the leading Haute Couture brands of the world and it has chosen this environment to speak for itself. We protect our well-earned respectability with our sincerity and determination and continue to lead this race with accelerating speed.




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Garanti İplik invests in renewable energy.

Garanti İplik gains more and more strength by using the renewable wind energy provided by nature to meet 33% of its energy requirement. With its certificated Wind Yarn technology, it has announced to the whole world that it is a green energy user and 50% more eco-friendly than its counterparts. Garanti İplik has established a new manufacturing model by combining the powers of nature and technology.

Organic cotton, wool, silk, linen, cashmere and viscose

Garanti İplik has over 1400 types of yarn in its inventory in the form of fabric and all raw materials are completely natural.

The Cornerstones of Boutique Service

While spinning its yarns and doing its job with passion and the patience of a silkworm, Garanti İplik takes its customers, providers, employees and most importantly, nature, the source of its raw material, into consideration and uses self-consumption based renewable energy.


Garanti İplik uses only hand-picked cottons from the Aegean Region to manufacture the best-quality yarn. It also imports cotton from Egypt to produce even thinner yarns.

R&D and Technology

In addition to 1300 different products in its swatch card, Garanti İplik keeps expanding its color chart by researching colors through its technology, in accordance with the demands of its customers.

Humans and Nature

Providing comfort and aesthetics to increase the happiness and productivity of its employees, the manufacturing process at Garanti İplik is 50 percent more eco-friendly than other colored textile manufacturers.


In addition to providing a wide range of new products with different and creative designs developed with experience and R&D studies, Garanti İplik also inspires designers with its products.

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